Research Amidst Volatility, LSEUPR 2022 Conference

Research Amidst Volatility. 

LSEUPR 2022 Conference Call for Abstracts

The annual LSEUPR Conference is back and ready for 2022. We are now accepting abstracts for our 2022 Conference, Research Amidst Volatility, from undergraduates and young researchers across the world.

All areas of politics are welcome for submissions and we encourage research that combines innovative ideas with academic rigour.

All details on how to submit […]

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2021 LSEUPR Essay Competition – Winners

This year the LSEUPR launched its fourth annual essay competition, aimed at year 12s and 13s (or equivalent), to give them a real experience in writing an academic essay.

The question for this year was


To what extent have emerging social movements caused politicians to respond with effective social change?


The essay question was superbly tackled by over 100 students all over […]

Student Research Dialogue 2021

On 24th March 2021, LSEUPR organized Student Research Dialogue 2021. This dialogue served as a brainstorming session for LSE student journal leaders & school leaders to discuss their challenges, exchange their experiences in order to create a more conducive environment for student researchers. Also, it aims to promote student journals to the general LSE students.

The event was hosted by […]

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    Recruiting in a digital age: pitfalls and strategies for automated hiring

Recruiting in a digital age: pitfalls and strategies for automated hiring

Written by: Stephanie Sheir

The proliferation of AI has streamlined decision-making in many industries, but has incurred unique costs, creating new opportunities and risks for businesses. The use of large datasets and algorithms to streamline decision-making in the job market is an exemplar of this phenomenon. These algorithms assist recruiters in sorting through candidate pools and purport to remove human […]

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Debunking the Neoliberal Globalization Success-story 

Written by: Aya Kamil

In the light of China’s continuing industrialization, economic development and structural change (Hirst 2009), the increasing attention paid to the liberalization and growth in other leading Asian economies such as South Korea and India consolidates the positive narrative of economic globalization. The ‘East Asian Miracle’ should not occult the blatant disparities in global growth and development […]

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ExCo Book Club – Lent 2021 – Edition 1

Introducing the new LSEUPR ExCo Book Club: twice a term our five executive committee members will recommend a book each for students and UPR followers to read. The books may be fiction or non-fiction, but will always have some value to those interested in politics.

“Doughnut Economics” by Kate Raworth

Recommended by Jintao Zhu, Editor-in-Chief

Although I am an Editor for a […]

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    Identifying with the European Union and the national state: exploration of the interactions between multiple political identities

Identifying with the European Union and the national state: exploration of the interactions between multiple political identities

Written by: Quido Haskovec

1 Introduction

In the context of the dramatic events of the Brexit vote of 2016 and of the ongoing democratic backsliding in Eastern Europe, many have questioned the future of the project of European integration. The future which might seem particularly unstable due to the disparity between the increase of the political powers of the European Union […]

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China’s ‘International Schools’: A Complete Eyewash?

Written by: Hanzhi Dai and Boshen Yan

Intensive research has been conducted on the education policy of China, with more scholars concentrating on the discourse of history and patriotism in the public education system. However, the Chinese “international schools”, which are relatively isolated and independent from the public secondary education system, remain unexplored in the academia. Most of these schools […]

The Opioid Crisis and Republican Vote Share

Written by: Florian Sichart, Jacob Chapman, Brooklyn Han, Hasan Younis, Hallamund Meena

Over the past two decades, the U.S. has experienced a spike in overdose deaths involving opioids. Demographically, the communities that have been affected most severely by this crisis are non-Hispanic Whites from the rural working class – the same demographic that propelled Donald Trump’s 2016 bid for the White […]

GV225: The Basics of Preference Aggregation

Kimberley Chia, BSc. Politics and Economics ’21

Preference aggregation is a key tenet in the study of political economy. It determines how individual views and preferences are taken into account to derive the group choice, which is thereafter reflected in policy. This, in turn, is dependent on the structures of political institutions in a given country or community – for […]