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“NetworkEd: Technology in Education”

Is a seminar series organised by LSE’s Learning Technology & Innovation team (LTI). The series invites speakers from education, computing and related fields to discuss how technology is shaping the world of education. Technological developments, particularly the internet, have led to changes in the way institutions can deliver teaching,but are also impacting on students’ skills and their expectations of higher education. The seminar series is live streamed to enable an audience from around the world to listen and participate online.

Upcoming seminars

  • 18 May 2016 – Alison Powell – “What does Big Data look like? ‘A data walkshop'” – Book your tickets now

Previous seminars in the 2014/5 academic year (for videos click on the links)


NetworkEDGE: The Future of Education is a new seminar series organisedby LSE’s Learning Technology & Innovation team (LTI). Building on the impact and success of NetworkED, LTI is launching a landmark series of talks and debates about the future of Higher Education called NetworkEDGE.  Featuring a range of speakers from industry and academia, this series will ask the critical questions that will shape the future of the LSE and the wider sector.

Previous seminars in the 2014/5 academic year 

Teachers’ Show & Tell

“Show & Tell” events are an opportunity to see LSE lecturers, administrators and teachers demonstrate how they have used technology effectively to support teaching of their own courses. Presenters from different departments at LSE and other universities will show how they’ve made use of technologies for learning and will explain the educational rationale behind their work.

Previous events in this academic year

LTI Open House

LTI open their doors for everyone to come and ask any learning and technology questions they may have and try out various technology that is available to use at LSE.