Media and the Manchester attack: evil and emotion

The Manchester Arena attacks were extraordinary in their brutality. In response the news media sought to capture an emotional range including anger, pity, fear, pride, and compassion.

But how responsible have journalists been and is the full story going to be told?

The Sun’s front-page on the morning after exemplified this duality of the splenetic and the cathartic. I am sure its portrayal […]

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    Fanning the flames: reporting on terror in the networked age

Fanning the flames: reporting on terror in the networked age

How do we know about terror events? The news media. Social media. And that’s what the terrorist wants. You to know.
So what is the role of the news media in reporting on terror? How can they do it accurately and responsibly? And what is the role of the platforms like Facebook in filtering that information into your news streams?
I […]


Reporting Terror: new ideas needed

Terror is a brutal, murderous, violent physical phenomenon but it is essentially a media act. Without publicity, the act of extreme violence is pointless. So what is the responsibility of those who give the terrorist the oxygen of publicity? Not just journalists but also those who run social networks and the citizens who fill those platforms?

I am writing a paper […]


Brussels: reporting the horrible truth

The horrible truth is that ISIS has got what it wanted today: huge publicity for its cause and a dramatic incursion into the consciousness of western publics and politicians. Paradoxically, it has achieved that thanks to our free media. A news media that has covered the Brussels atrocities in extraordinary full and graphic detail, breaking the news with incredible alacrity and […]


Tonight We Mourn

By LSE Student Joelle Eid @joelleeid


On my first day in London, at my LSE student hall in east London, I met Clémence. The second she knew I was Lebanese, her face lit up with excitement and she reminded me why home was so special. She had just come back from a four-month internship in Beirut and she had fallen […]

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