On Politics @ Surrey, Simon Usherwood looks forward to the Clegg versus Farage debate on Europe, outlining what this might do for the respective parties as they gear up for the European Parliament elections.

On VoxEU, the authors of a recent IMF research paper into the effects of redistribution on economic growth present their findings. “To put it simply, we find little evidence of a ‘big tradeoff’ between redistribution and growth. Inaction in the face of high inequality thus seems unlikely to be warranted in many cases.”

Nigel Farage (1)

Knocking on Labour’s door?
(Credit: Euro Realist Newsletter)

On the Institute for Government blog, Tom Gash looks at how Michael Gove’s education reforms have fared. “Emerging failings at the country’s second biggest academy chain highlight that the academies programme is entering a new phase.”

On the JRF blog, Chris Goulden explains why the myth that ‘people are better off on benefits than working‘ simply isn’t true and misses the point. 

For the Guardian’s Comment is Free, Matthew Goodwin and Rob Ford examine UKIP’s long-term electoral threat. They find that “Labour will be exposed to serious and sustained competition for support in its northern, working-class fortresses” by UKIP.

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