MSc research: Psychological Contracts of Graduate Newcomers

In this blog post, 2016/17 MSc Organisational and Social Psychology graduate Vandita Dhariyal discusses her fascinating dissertation research on the expectations and then real-life experiences of graduates in their first year of employment. This research shows that the transition from student to employee can be a stressful and confusing one, and that both individuals and employers need to provide support and training to help […]

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    Developing a tool to measure corporate culture from the ‘outside’

Developing a tool to measure corporate culture from the ‘outside’

Dr Tom Reader and Dr Alex Gillespie reflect on the process of developing a tool to measure organisational culture ‘unobtrusively’, and its potential value for investors

 Since May 2016, Dr Tom Reader and Dr Alex Gillespie have led an academic research project to develop a new approach to measuring corporate culture. Funded by the AKO Foundation (a UK charity),5 this […]

The Impact Challenge

Bridging the gap between theory and application is frequently a challenge, whether we find ourselves in universities or organisations. At LSE we attest to the importance of both understanding the causes of things and impacting the real world ‘out there’. To bridge this gap two of the department’s PhD students, Mark Noort and Brett Heasman, organised the first trial […]

Reflecting on the Unspoken

Akile Ahmet and Caroline Howarth reflect on the initial findings of the Race in the Academy project, exploring experiences of race at the LSE and why the school struggles to attract or retain black and ethnic minority academic staff.

This blog first appeared on the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion blog on 23rd June 2016.

What cannot be said, or cannot be heard, in […]

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    ‘We need to speak about race’: Examining the barriers to full and equal participation in university life

‘We need to speak about race’: Examining the barriers to full and equal participation in university life

This blog originally appeared on LSE Impact Blog on 14th April 2016.

Looking to examine and address the barriers facing black and minority ethnic academic staff, the LSE is funding a project entitled ‘Race in the Academy’ investigating why so few black and ethnic minority academics are attracted to the LSE and why it struggles to retain black and ethnic minority […]

The curious case of Music in the Corporate World

Sneha Sundaram, alumnus of the Department of Social Psychology, explores the influence of music on group behaviour within the corporate context. She reflects on her experiences as head of the Corporate wing at Octavium where she co-designed learning simulations using music as a medium to provide a unique lens in understanding objectives that are linked to business effectiveness including leadership, team […]

Our collective genius and why we are all getting smarter

This post first appeared on the LSE News and Media page here

New ideas and technologies are not the product of a few far-sighted geniuses but arise through societies and social networks acting as ‘collective brains’, says new research from LSE and Harvard University.
The paper, published in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, argues that, over […]

European Commission funds new survey on safety in aviation

As part of the ‘Future Sky Safety’ initiative, the European Commission has funded The London School of Economics and EUROCONTROL to explore safety across the air transport system.

Safety culture refers to the norms, values and practices shared by groups in relation to safety and risk. Research shows that organisations with a poor safety culture are more prone to accidents, […]

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    Resisting discrimination and embracing marginalized identities: a catalyst for global entrepreneurship

Resisting discrimination and embracing marginalized identities: a catalyst for global entrepreneurship

In their new book chapter, Lakshmi Ramarajan, Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School, and Emily LeRoux-Rutledge, PhD candidate at LSE, illustrate that when people resist discrimination by embracing their marginalized identities, it can spur them to become successful global entrepreneurs.

When Bimpe Nkontchou, a successful Nigerian lawyer, moved to the UK she came to a disturbing realisation:

I soon realized […]

Why do older entrepreneurs face unique challenges?

Dr Lucia Garcia discusses the challenges facing entrepreneurship for the older unemployed, where the transition from unemployment to self-employment is more fragmented and fraught with difficulties than entrepreneurial narratives portray.
The UK is facing an increasingly ageing population that brings big economic burdens in pension and medical provisions while tax contributions diminish. This situation has become worse since the start […]

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