Women, Peace and Security Forum

A space for critical engagement with the latest research on gender, peace and security.


The WPS Forum is a space on the LSE WPS Blog to host a dialogue around a particular topic, theme or publication. These pieces will work in conversation, rather than being standalone commentaries, providing discussion and dialogue centred around particular publications – a new book, a collection of conference papers and/or panels, events, a journal article, for example.

The Forum will bridge the gap between individualistic blog pieces and longer writings. It will be a space for critical conversations that provide the reader with more in-depth analysis and different viewpoints on key themes and issue areas, aimed at advancing conversations in academic and practitioner spaces. The format of each forum may vary depending on the subject of the conversation. Responses and contributions from leading scholars, activists and practitioners will be sought on particular topics, and forum proposals will also be accepted and reviewed.


15 years of UK Women, Peace and Security

This forum examines 15 years of UK implementation and leadership on Women, Peace and Security through its adoption of National Action Plans. The discussion identifies limitations and opportunities in how one of the leading states on WPS has interpreted gender equality in peace and conflict and what the future of UK engagement in WPS could or should look like.

Gender, global health and violence: Feminist perspectives on peace and disease

This forum brings contributors from Gender, global health and violence: Feminist perspectives on peace and disease into conversation with each other at the intersection of peace and global health politics from a feminist perspective to understand and analyse different forms of violence in the gendered realm of global health.

New Directions in Women, Peace and Security

Twenty years on from the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 New Directions in Women, Peace and Security (Bristol University Press, 2020), edited by Soumita Basu, Paul Kirby, and Laura J. Shepherd, brings together critical thinking on the progress of, and new challenges for, the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda as a global framework for advancing gender equality and feminist engagement with peace and security.

This forum brings contributors from New Directions into conversation with each other as well as opening space for critical engagement with the text; where it is situated in the current landscape of WPS literature; and the implementation and impact of the WPS agenda more broadly. On this final point the forum draws out the intersecting structures of power, oppression and resistance integral to examining WPS and that are woven throughout the chapters of New Directions.

This collection also launches the ‘LSE WPS forum’, what we hope will be a space to continue the work of advancing critical conversations surrounding gender, peace and security, broadly understood, in terms of policy development, activism and advocacy.