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    Promoting gender equality in/through schools – examples to learn from

Promoting gender equality in/through schools – examples to learn from

In the first of this two-part article on promoting gender equality through schools, Anushna Jha and Mehrin Shah explore successful examples from around the world. 

The second half of the series will be published on Tuesday 19 February. 

Education and Gender Equality- Interconnections

There is a lot in common between education and gender equality- both are instrumental to the development of a society as also […]

What’s the Buzz Around Impact Investing?

Msc Development Management 2015-16 alumn, Riya Saxena shares her experience of working in the Impact Investment industry and introduces the world’s first MOOC driven by top impact investors on the key trends and opportunities that are shaping the sector.

I have always wanted to work at the intersection of the private and development sector. For me this translated into starting […]

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    Village Development Plan (VDP): A Rural Manifesto: Partnership for Sustainable Development

Village Development Plan (VDP): A Rural Manifesto: Partnership for Sustainable Development

MSc Social Policy and Development alum, Asmat Kakar, tells us how Balochistan’s Village Development Plan (VDP) can provide a participatory approach to local service design and delivery. 

People living in rural areas are the most neglected, marginalised and poverty-stricken populations in Balochistan. Thousands of rural households are at risk of seeing their standards of living and means of livelihoods decline as rising […]

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    How to lose momentum in five steps: why did Lebanon’s You Stink movement fail?

How to lose momentum in five steps: why did Lebanon’s You Stink movement fail?

MSc International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies alum, Youmna Cham, suggests how to avoid campaign failure using Beirut’s ‘You Stink’ movement as an example. 

The ‘Paris of the Middle East’ was the nickname given to Beirut until Summer 2015 – when it crumbled down in trash as our politicians showed a striking unwillingness to solve the scandal.

Indeed, the 2015 trash crisis started after Lebanon’s […]

Post-Graduation Life: Expect the Unexpected!

International alumnus, Tinnaphop Sinsomboonthong (Tintin), shares his post-graduation experience as a lecturer in Sociology of Development in his home country. After two years since conquering his Nightmare on Houghton Street, what is happening now?

It was in the Michaelmas Term in 2016 when I suffered a Nightmare on Houghton Street – graphs, numbers and economic jargon used in lectures and […]

India and its girls: The endangered survival

MSc Development Studies alumna, Divyakshi Jain, explains why the recent trend in India’s female to male ratio may be portraying a partial and superficial picture of female discrimination. 

The data from Census of India in 2011 garnered much attention and was considered a sigh of relief as the sex ratio in India had improved from 933 women per 1000 men in 2001 to 940 […]

Looking back at my year as an ID student…

Recent international alum, Charis Yeap Khai Leang, shares her experience studying at the LSE for her MSc in Development Management. She tells us about her her fears, hopes and dreams. No one said it was going to be easy…  

There are so many things that I am truly grateful about having come across at the LSE this last year. Conducting the research […]

The Risks of a Looming Energy Transition

Joachim Roth, sustainability analyst and department alum, investigates the geopolitics of the inevitable global energy transition. 

With the prospect of the energy transition looming, there is a need to analyze what the geopolitical implications of such a shift could be. Although there is no universal definition of what geopolitics stands for it can be interpreted in relation to the energy […]

For African governments to intervene is reasonable

Managing Director for Mining Shared Value and department alumnus, Jeff Geipel responds to Peter Leon’s recent editorial for the Financial Times.  

4  September 2018   


Peter Leon’s editorial “African nations must resist siren song of resource nationalism” (August 29) is a very problematic piece that cherry-picks outlier examples to attack what is a completely reasonable trend for African governments to intervene more in the mining sector […]

Toxic air: the fatal cost of industrial growth

Dr Amit Chandra, MSc Development Studies alum, and Dr. Sutyajeet Soneja, air pollution and public health expert, outline the fatal costs of toxic air.

As the perennial blanket of smog that envelops New Delhi intensified in November 2017, India’s Minister of Environment Harsh Vardhan urged his people to remain calm, stating “no death certificate has the cause of death as pollution.” The physician and […]