How to solve the course selection puzzle

The new academic year is just around the corner, so you may be wondering how to go about choosing your courses. Student Mentorship Ambassador, Unsia Hussain, shares some useful tips and also gives insights into the support she received from academics and study advisers here at LSE.

One of the toughest and confusing decisions to make as an LSE student […]

ID Weekly Spotlight – Meet Jingke Pan

Welcome back to ID’s Weekly Spotlight! For this week, Student Ambassador Salena Wang talked to MSc Development Studies student Jingke Pan. Find out more about their conversation here.

Studying at an internationally leading university like the LSE is an exciting journey, but it can also be quite challenging, especially when the university experience is situated in a different society […]

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    Two steps forward, one step back: the ongoing fight for abortion rights

Two steps forward, one step back: the ongoing fight for abortion rights

The 25th May 2019 marks a year since the Republic of Ireland popularly voted to legalise abortion by repealing the Eighth Amendment from the constitution, marking on an ongoing cultural shift in the country. Three Master’s students, Eric Frasco, Eloise O’Carroll and Rachel Speechley, tell us more about the campaign leading up to it.

The Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar, […]

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    A study trip to the ‘Disneyland for Diplomats’ – Geneva!

A study trip to the ‘Disneyland for Diplomats’ – Geneva!

Last week, 25 students from the MSc International Development & Humanitarian Emergencies and the MSc Health & International Development programmes traded in bustling London for beautiful Geneva. This trip was organized by the student Geneva Trip Committee and accompanied by Professor Stuart Gordon and Student Experience Officer Sarah Neuenschwander. Jamie Holton, co-president of the committee, shares her experience.

If you […]

ID Weekly Spotlight – Meet Julian Buschmaas

For our ID Weekly Spotlight series, Student Media Ambassador Saddi Basnet talked to Development Management student Julian Buschmaas. Read more about his background and what motivates him in life here.

I grew up in a small university town in Germany called Würzburg. After high school, I took a gap year and spent 7 months working with an NGO in Bolivia […]

“Meet an Alum” with Shakeel Padamsey

Before the end of Lent Term, the International Development Department’s DESTIN Society organised a Brown Bag Lunch with Development Management alum Shakeel Padamsey. DESTIN President Gabriella Reimer was there and tells us about the inspiring trajectory Shakeel has been on since graduating from LSE.

The sound of the machine percolating and the rich smell of coffee wafts over me before […]

London Living on a Budget

Ever wondered what student life is like in London? Student Mentorship Ambassador Natasha Glendening tells us why it’s great to live in London as a student, even when you’re on a small budget.

London was the mystic global city that I day-dreamed about as a teenager, growing up in the middle of the countryside. I dreamed of taking the tube, […]

FAQs on Facebook from offer holding students

Please see below for some common questions we have noticed on Facebook from offer holding students. We will be updating this page regularly with more questions: 


When will I receive the pre-registration pass?

LSE Student Services are working hard to send them out by the middle of this week (10-14th September). Please print your pre-registration pass before coming to the […]

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Meet the ID admin staff

Ever wondered who the people are that have been bombarding you with emails? They will be your point of contact during the upcoming academic year, so we thought we should briefly introduce them to you:


Peter Campbell is the Department Manager. If you’re not a native English speaker, you might get confused about whether he’s British or Australian. We’ll let […]

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    The economic contributions of artisanal & small–scale mining in Kenya: gold and gemstones

The economic contributions of artisanal & small–scale mining in Kenya: gold and gemstones

This and other posts by Martin Namasaka have been removed from the International Development and Africa at LSE blogs.

Recent publications of his fall far short of normal standards of academic integrity.

We will publish no further posts by Martin Namasaka.

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