In 2016, Dr Dubravka Šimonovic delivered a vision-setting report to the Human Rights Council on the overall vision for her tenure as the SR-VAW and work carried out under the SR-VAW mandate. In the report, she highlights the importance of awareness-raising activities in approaches to preventing and eliminating violence against women.

In particular, the SR-VAW includes awareness-raising activities within the context of one of her thematic priorities, “focus on prevention and elimination of discriminatory laws and their negative impact in perpetuating or contributing to violence against women” (HRC 32/42, para. 71; emphasis added):

regards the prevention of violence against women as an aspect of the mandate that focuses on the elimination of the root causes of violence against women, and its consequences. To that end, she has identified the main components that should be further elaborated, including States’ obligations to take positive measures to change harmful stereotypes relating to gender roles conducive to violence and, at the same time, to undertake activities to empower women and reduce their vulnerability to violence; the meaningful inclusion of men and boys to contribute actively to the prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls; and awareness-raising campaigns to fight violence against women on a regular basis and at all levels, in cooperation with national human rights institutions, civil society and non-governmental organizations

Through engagement with state governments, civil society actors, non-governmental organisations, academia, private actors and organisations and the media, the SR-VAW works to raise awareness of the causes and consequences of gender-based violence and encourages others to carry out similar efforts. Some of the SR-VAW’s awareness-raising activities include:

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