iconStarIn seeking and receiving information on the causes and consequences of VAW, the SR-VAW regularly engages with women’s groups, civil society organisations and other non-governmental organisations and academia.

Although consultations with civil society and other stakeholders were not formally outlined in the SR-VAW’s mandate, they have become an integral part of the SR-VAW’s working methods. The Asia Pacific regional consultations, for example, were initiated during the first SR-VAW’s tenure and have now become an annual event organised by the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development. Since then, other regions have been encouraged to host similar consultations and have been organised in Africa, Central Asia and Europe.

These regional consultation provide an opportunity for civil society actors and other stakeholders to share their regional concerns with the SR-VAW and support her mandate. It also gives civil society actors more information on the SR-VAW’s work, providing a collaborative space that enables them to more effectively respond to gender inequality and VAW-related issues on the ground.

iconLockWant more? The SR-VAW has recently called for submissions from stakeholders – including states, National Human Rights Institutions, Civil Society and Non-governmental Organisations and academia – on protection orders and shelters. Other news and calls for submissions can be found on our ‘Latest News’ page


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