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1. Consumption in China: How China’s New Consumer Ideology is Shaping the Nation by LiAnne Yu
Reviewed by Hang Kei Ho


2. When Greeks and Turks Meet: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Relationship Since 1923 edited by Vally Lytra
Reviewed by William Eichler


3. The Most Sublime Hysteric: Hegel with Lacan by Slavoj Žižek
Reviewed by Jodie Matthews


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“Slade is very passionate about countering socially-constructed prejudice and rightly points out that the media plays a role in creating false dichotomies between Arabs (often incorrectly conflated with Muslims) and the West.”

Cheryl Brumley on Watching Arabic Television in Europe: From Diaspora to Hybrid Citizens by Christina Slade


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In this episode, we walk through London’s Chinatown with Rosemary Sales and Xia Lin, researchers at Middlesex University, to discuss identities in the area and meanings of home for Chinese immigrants. Listen to more podcasts.