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CommitteeThe Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO) is one of two pillars (the other being the Committee of the Parties) monitoring states parties’ implementation of the Istanbul Convention (Articles 66-70, Istanbul Convention). Currently, it consists of 10 independent experts from different fields—judges, academics, social workers and other professionals on VAW and domestic violence—who are elected by the Committee of the Parties for four-year terms, once renewable. Once the Istanbul Convention has been ratified by 25 states, GREVIO will increase its number of experts to 15.
GREVIO is responsible for (GREVIO Rules of Procedure):

  • Requesting state parties to submit to the Secretary General a report on the legislative and other measures they are undertaking to fulfil their commitments to the Istanbul Convention
  • Adopting a first baseline questionnaire to provide guidance for Parties as they prepare their first reports
  • Publishing country evaluation reports and adopting findings state parties’ measures
  • If GREVIO finds the information submitted to be insufficient, it may organise a country visit to gather more information
  • If action is needed to prevent a serious, massive or persistent pattern of acts of violence covered by the Istanbul Convention, GREVIO may start a special inquiry procedure
  • Adopting general recommendations on themes and concepts of the Istanbul Convention

Committee of the Parties to the Istanbul Convention

The Committee of the Parties to the Istanbul Convention consists of representatives from the Parties to the Convention. It has met three times since the Istanbul Convention has entered into force to elect the members of GREVIO and adopt its own rules of procedure. With the evaluation of state reports in full swing, it will now meet regularly to discuss GREVIO’s reports and findings, on which basis it may adopt specific recommendations addressed to the Parties under review.

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How does it help tackle violence against women?

As part of the monitoring mechanism to the Istanbul Convention, GREVIO is one of the key bodies for tackling violence against women throughout Europe. Through GREVIO’s state reporting procedure, it is able to promote measures to address violence against women at two levels: national and regional. At the national level, GREVIO’s engagement with states during the review process and through its special inquiry procedure encourages compliance with and implementation of the Istanbul Convention.  This also allows GREVIO to develop indicators on the Istanbul Convention’s implementation and produce state-specific recommendations on how to tackle violence against women. At the regional level, through engagement with the Committee of the Parties and the Parliamentary Assembly, GREVIO is able to raise awareness on the multidimensional factors that contribute to gender-based violence that can be used to inform policy-making decisions throughout the CoE.

States Reporting Procedure

Through monitoring, GREVIO (along with the Committee of the Parties) works to ensure states implement the Istanbul Convention’s provisions in law and on the ground. . On 6 April 2016, the first evaluation procedure of the Istanbul Convention was released, outline various steps within the states reporting procedure:

  1. Reporting. GREVIO develops and transmits a questionnaire to the State party under review. The State develops a response to the questionnaire and sends it back for review
  2. Preliminary examination. GREVIO meets to discuss the state’s response and other information received by civil society, treaty bodies, etc.
  3. Examination with state representatives. GREVIO meets with state representatives to discuss main areas of concern
  4. Country visit. If GREVIO decides further information or clarification is required by the state under review, it may organise a country visit to assess implementation on the ground, including by meeting with civil society representatives and practitioners
  5. GREVIO prepares its first draft report. This draft is approved during GREVIO’s meeting and sent to the relevant state party for comment
  6. Final GREVIO report is published. GREVIO issues final evaluation and findings on the state’s implementation of the Istanbul Convention and sends report to the state and Committee of the Parties for review. During this time, the state under review is also encouraged to transmit the report to its respective Parliament for review and evaluation of country performance
  7. Adoption of recommendations to State party by the Committee of the Parties. The Committee of the Parties reviews GREVIO’s final report and issues recommendations to be implemented by the state under review
  8. Implementation of the Committee of the Parties recommendations by the state party
  9. Stock-taking of implementation by the Parliamentary Assembly. The Parliamentary Assembly is invited to take stock of the Istanbul Convention’s implementation as provided by GREVIO and the Committee of the Parties

Urgent Inquiry Procedure

GREVIO may initiate an urgent inquiry procedure when reliable information is received indicating a serious, massive or persistent pattern of any acts of violence against women (as recognised within the Istanbul Convention).
When received information requires action, GREVIO may send a request to the state party concerned for an urgent submission of a special report. During this time, GREVIO may also assign one or more members to carry out an inquiry and may include a visit to the country. Results of the inquiry are sent to the relevant state party with comments and recommendations. Where appropriate, these results may also be sent to the Committee of the Parties and the Committee of Ministers for review and follow-up.

**Note: If you are currently experiencing abuse, feel threatened or unsafe and need urgent assistance, there is a list of country help lines to assist you. You may also visit our page on the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women and urgent appeals.**



iconLockWant more?  You can access a flow chart on the urgent inquiry procedure and state reporting procedure on the GREVIO’s webpage – as well as information on upcoming evaluations

iconStarCivil Society Engagement: Shadow Reports/Parallel Reports

When a state comes under review, civil society organisations and non-governmental organisations working within the field of tackling violence against women are invited to submit information on the relevant state’s implementation of the Istanbul Convention. This information must be developed on the basis of the same questionnaire that is transmitted to states under review.

Information provided by civil society is used by GREVIO throughout the monitoring process – when reviewing material submitted by state parties, when/if GREVIO decides to conduct a country visit for more information, during the drafting of the final evaluation report to be sent to the Committee of the Parties.

iconLockWant more? View a provisional timetable for reporting by parties to the Istanbul Convention, a questionnaire transmitted to states and a contact form for GREVIO

Contact Information

Secretariat of the Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO)
Violence against Women Division
Department of Equality and Human Dignity Council of Europe
F-67075 Strasbourg


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