Legal and Financial Strategies

‘Legal and financial strategies’ relates to the structures that support business investment strategies. ‘Legal strategies’ refers to decisions about what form the business should take in the new market as well as the ways in which a business enterprise forms and manages relationships with other entities for carrying out their activities. ‘Financial strategies’ refers to the choice of schemes and structures through which capital will be made available for cross-border business activity. Financial planning may involve a diversity of public and commercial actors, ranging from institutional investors to private banks, providing different different types of investment support.

The Learning Hub’s work will seek to clarify the relationship between the design of investment strategies and the avoidance of adverse human rights impacts in the context of investment.

Start exploring the resources already available in the Learning Hub while work in this area is developing. The Investment & Human Rights Map provides tailored explanations of investment activities, human rights and their connections in each of the main areas:

The Learning Hub also offers extensive information on: ArbitrationState-investor contracts and International Human Rights Law, along with a range of useful Tools:

  • Toolboxes offering a dynamic repository of selected reference materials for practice, while drawing attention to emerging issues;
  • Expert articles offering analysis and insights from practitioners and leading experts on investment and human rights, highlighting key issues for practice; and
  • Learning videos offering basic explanations of essential topics and providing expert views on investment and human rights issues.

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