Other Mechanisms

As the Learning Hub’s initial focus in investment dispute resolution will be on arbitration, ‘other mechanisms’ refers to processes and fora available to parties in an investment-related dispute, aside from arbitration. Parties to a dispute may agree to resolve their disputes amicably, either between themselves (negotiation), through the assistance of a third party in mediation or conciliation, or with the help of an independent expert. In this context, questions may arise as to how the public interest or possible impacts on human rights are represented in these processes and reflected in their outcomes. The Learning Hub will invite reflection on these questions.

Start exploring the resources already available in the Learning Hub while work in this area is developing. The Investment & Human Rights Map provides tailored explanations of investment activities, human rights and their connections in each of the main areas:

The Learning Hub also offers extensive information on: ArbitrationState-investor contracts and International Human Rights Law, along with a range of useful Tools:

  • Toolboxes offering a dynamic repository of selected reference materials for practice, while drawing attention to emerging issues;
  • Expert articles offering analysis and insights from practitioners and leading experts on investment and human rights, highlighting key issues for practice; and
  • Learning videos offering basic explanations of essential topics and providing expert views on investment and human rights issues.

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