Introduction to the Investment-Related Standards Toolbox

The Investment-Related Standards Toolbox contains links to a spectrum of legal and non-legal standards that seek to regulate international investment regarding issues related to human rights. To guide practitioners, the toolbox also contains case studies, civil society reports and other implementation-related resources separated by standard.

UN, MULTILATERAL AND STATE-SUPPORTED STANDARDS AND INITIATIVES - Key standards and initiatives relevant to investment and human rights

PUBLIC AND PRIVATE FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS - Public and private financial institutions' standards that address human rights
INVESTMENT REPORTING REQUIREMENTS - Resources on investment-related reporting requirements that address human rights
STOCK EXCHANGE STANDARDS - Resources relating to sustainable stock exchange standards
RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT STANDARDS - Resources relating to industry-generated responsible investment standards

Learning from practice

Further resources are provided below.  They have been grouped into categories that will assist you to find documents quickly.

RELEVANT CIVIL SOCIETY REPORTS - Civil society analysis and commentary on investment-related standards

CASE STUDIES AND GOOD PRACTICE - Real world examples of adherence with investment-related standards to address human rights risks