Welcome to the Investment & Human Rights Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is an online space created to build understanding on investment, human rights and their connections. The Hub explores the implications that these connections have for the work of governments, commercial practitioners and civil society in ensuring the protection of and respect for human rights. The Learning Hub was launched in April 2014 as an initiative of the Investment & Human Rights Project (2013-2016) at the Laboratory for Advanced Research on the Global Economy (the Lab) and will continue to be run by Andrea Shemberg and Andrea Saldarriaga in their capacities as Visiting Fellows at the Lab.

With the Investment & Human Rights Map, the Hub proposes an innovative way to visualise and think about investment and human rights. Start exploring the Map, which will take you to tailored explanations of investment activities, human rights and their connections in each of the following areas:

The Learning Hub also offers extensive information onArbitration, State-investor contracts and International Human Rights Law, along with a range of useful Tools:

  • Toolboxes offering a dynamic repository of selected reference materials for practice, while drawing attention to emerging issues;
  • Expert articles offering analysis and insights from practitioners and leading experts on investment and human rights, highlighting key issues for practice; and
  • Learning videos offering basic explanations of essential topics and providing expert views on investment and human rights issues.

The What’s New will continue to be active, offering regular news on investment and human rights, and expert articles will be published periodically.

Featured Articles & Videos

Investment Policy Reform and Human Rights in Myanmar, interview with Dr. Jonathan Bonnitcha

IHR Project lead Andrea Shemberg spoke to Jonathan about the recent opening of Myanmar to foreign investment, the policy and regulatory changes that accompany this opening and the human rights-related challenges that this poses. Jonathan also offered insights on how the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (the ‘Guiding Principles’ or the ‘UNGPs’) may help governments and foreign investors to address these challenges.

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