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LSE Language Centre and LSE Review of Books are excited to present the results of a collaboration undertaken across 2016-2019. For the LSE ‘Reviews in Translation’ project, LSE students learning German, Mandarin, Japanese and Spanish have translated an existing review from the LSE RB archive, aligned with their own academic interests.

The aims of the project are to enable the students to improve their linguistic skills in the target languages through translation practice and become more aware of recent research in their own subject areas. For LSE Review of Books, we are pleased to offer content that enables the blog to take a step towards becoming more multilingual and to attract new visitors to our international reader community.

The project is led by Catherine Xiang, East Asian Language Coordinator, and Rosemary Deller, editor of LSE Review of Books, and supported by the work of Lijing Shi, Peter Skrandies, Hongyi Xin and Esteban Lozano. All participating students are LSE students who enrolled in an advanced or proficiency level degree or certificate course at the LSE Language Centre. We are happy to announce that a number of these reviews have been published on the LSE Review of Books blog and are available to read here. Thank you to all the students and teachers for their hard work!

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