The ASEAN Coordinating Council was initially called the ‘ASEAN Executive Board’ in early drafts of the ASEAN Charter. It is a body comprised of ASEAN Foreign Ministers from each member state. The Coordinating Council meets twice a year and is primarily focused on preparing the ASEAN Summits.

The ASEAN Coordinating Council is responsible for (ASEAN Charter, Article 8):

  • Preparing the meetings of the ASEAN Summit
  • Coordinating the implementation of agreements and decisions by the ASEAN Summit
  • Coordinating with the ASEAN Community Councils to enhance policy coherence, efficiency and cooperation
  • Coordinating the reports of the ASEAN Community Council to the ASEAN Summit
  • Considering the annual report of the Secretary General on the work of ASEAN
  • Considering the report of the Secretary General on the functions and operations of the ASEAN Secretariat

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