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ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly

Originally established as the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Organization in September 1977, the AIPA’s main functions are to promote cooperation among ASEAN parliaments and facilitate the achievement of the goals of the Bangkok Declaration of 1967 and the ASEAN Vision 2020 of an ASEAN Community. It also aims to maintain the exchange and dissemination of information, and establish coordination, interaction and consultation within ASEAN, to enable parliamentary contributions to ASEAN integration and to familiarise the peoples of Southeast Asia with policies aimed at realising an ASEAN Community. It has established regular communication, interaction and consultation within ASEAN to ensure coherence and cooperation between ASEAN governments, the national parliaments of the ASEAN member states and stakeholders within ASEAN, and enhance relations with ASEAN bodies. The AIPA’s president and secretary general represent AIPA in its relations and activities with ASEAN, including a regular annual interface with ASEAN leaders during the ASEAN summits.

The ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights is responsible for:

  • promoting solidarity, understanding, cooperation and close relations among parliaments of ASEAN member states, other parliaments and parliamentary organisations
  • facilitating the achievement of the goals of ASEAN as constituted in the ASEAN Declaration of August 1967 made at Bangkok, Thailand, as well as the ASEAN Vision 2020 taking into account Bali Concord II 2003 leading to the realisation of an ASEAN Community based on three (3) pillars: ASEAN Security Community (ASC), ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC)
  • establishing and maintaining exchange and dissemination of information as well as coordination, interaction and consultations with ASEAN to offer parliamentary contributions to ASEAN integration and familiarising the peoples of ASEAN with policies aimed at accelerating the realisation of an ASEAN community
  • studying, discussing and suggesting solutions to problems of common interest and expressing its views on such issues with the aim of bringing about action and timely response by the members of AIPA
  • keeping all AIPA member Parliaments informed of steps taken and progress achieved by each Parliament in realisation of the aims and purposes of AIPA
  • promoting the principles of human rights, democracy, peace, security and prosperity in ASEAN


iconStarASEAN Confederation of Women’s Organisations

The ASEAN Confederation of Women’s Organisations (ACWO) is an institutional framework established to bring together women’s voluntary organisations in the ASEAN region to work in concerted efforts towards the full integration of women in development. ACWO comprises the National Council of Women’s Organisations in each ASEAN member country. It is the regional forum for ASEAN women to exchange views / problems, and experiences, to assist in the implementation of strategies and programmes adopted by the ASEAN governments, for the enhancement of women’s participation in both national and regional progress.

The ASEAN Confederation of Women’s Organisations’ Mission is (ACWO mission statement):

  • To coordinate and act as a confederation for national women organisations of the ASEAN member countries in order:
    • to secure all such reforms as are necessary to give full meaning to equality in human rights, status and opportunities
    • to urge the women of the ASEAN’s member countries to realise and accept their responsibilities in the exercise of their rights and influence in public and private life to ensure respect for human dignity without distinction as to sex, race, creed or status
    • to promote co-operation, peace and understanding, and increase mutual support among women through international contacts
    • to participate and cooperate in constructive efforts for national and regional development
  • To serve and act as a resource centre for the gathering and dissemination of information, news and other materials relevant to the objectives of the ACWO
  • To carry out studies, research and training programmes relating to women, children and the family in the ASEAN region
  • To provide a forum for exchange and discussion on issues relating to the advancement of women in all fields and the welfare of the ASEAN region especially where it relates to women, children and the family
  • To strengthen co-operation with the UN and other related international and regional organisations and agencies


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