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National Secretariats are one of the oldest bodies within the ASEAN framework, being established under the original ASEAN Declaration. These bodies serve as a national focal point for ASEAN and facilitate cooperation within and amongst member states.

Each National Secretariat is responsible for:

  • Serving as the national focal point for ASEAN
  • Being the repository of information on all ASEAN matters at the national level
  • Coordinating the implementation of ASEAN decisions at the national level
  • Coordinating and supporting national preparations of ASEAN meetings
  • Promoting ASEAN identity and awareness at the national level
  • Contributing to ASEAN community building

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How does it help tackling violence against women?

As the national focal point for ASEAN, National Secretariats act as links between civil society and the regional system as a whole. As a body concerned with ASEAN community building, overseeing the implementation of ACWC/AWC’s Regional Action Plan on the Elimination of Violence against Women will fall under their mandate.

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