Note: the Arab Court of Human Rights has not entered into force.

JudicialMechanismIn September 2014 a ministerial meeting of the LAS approved the statute for an Arab Court of Human Rights (‘the Court’). The Court is expected to be the primary judicial body of the LAS dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights in the region. To direct its work, the Court would rely heavily on the provisions in the Arab Charter on Human Rights.

During the development of and following the adoption of the statute, many concerns were raised regarding the inaccessibility of the Court and its reliance on the Arab Charter on Human Rights (an instrument that has also received much attention). At present, the mandate of the Court allows states parties and accredited NGOs to file complaints, but not individuals or groups, including victims of human rights violations.

iconLockWant more? Open Society Foundations has produced a manual on the potential for CSOs to work with the LAS, which includes a section on the development of the Arab Court of Human Rights

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