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Each Ministerial Council is responsible for establishing methods of collaboration between member states, within the scope of their specialisation. They consist of ministers who hold positions in their member states relevant to the issue concerned. Currently, there are 13 ministerial councils:

The Ministerial Councils are responsible for:

  • Overseeing the adoption of policies and decisions on topics relevant to their mandate

How does it help tackle violence against women?

Decisions of the Ministerial Councils can be sent to the Arab League Council for consideration. Since these ministers hold relevant positions in their member states, they possess the ability to influence the implementation of agreements at a national level. CSOs can encourage relevant Ministerial Councils to adopt policies and decisions to promote women’s substantive equality and tackle violence against women.

Note: Currently, there is no formal opportunity for CSOs or other civil society actors to directly engage with the Ministerial Councils. However, CSO engagement with the ministers could happen at a national level prior to their meetings.

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