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The Women’s Affairs Directorate (a section of the Women, Family and Children’s Department) is part of the LAS General Secretariat in Cairo and consists of employees of the General Secretariat.

The Women’s Affairs Directorate is responsible for:

  • Taking lead role in monitoring the progress of states in implementing international women’s rights standards
  • Provide administrative and technical support to the Arab Women Committee

How does it help tackle violence against women?

In recent years, the Women’s Affairs Directorate (under the Department of Women, Family and Childhood) has taken a lead role on efforts to tackle violence against women. For example, in 2012 the Women’s Affairs Directorate collaborated with UNIFEM (now UN Women) and the Arab Women’s Organization to produce the Regional Strategy for the Protection of Arab Women: Peace and Security – one of two strategies that make up the LAS action plan to eliminate violence against women in the region.

The LAS General Secretariat (the authority which the Women’s Affairs Directorate falls) allows anyone to contact its departments, so the Women’s Affairs Directorate could be an entry point for CSOs to access other decision-making bodies within the LAS.

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