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The Human Rights Department operates under the authority of the General Secretariat in Cairo and provides technical support to the Arab Permanent Committee on Human Rights. It is part of the LAS General Secretariat and consists of employees of the General Secretariat.

The Human Rights Department is responsible for:

  • Arranging meetings for the Arab Permanent Committee on Human Rights
    • Agenda setting
    • Preparing reports and recommendations
  • Developing relationships with national human rights institutions in member states
  • Convening meetings on thematic or general human rights issues
  • Organising specific discussions related to themes selected each year on the Arab Human Rights Day
  • Cooperating with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and other related United Nations bodies and regional systems                                              

How does it help tackle violence against women?

In recent years, the Human Rights Department has increased its engagement with civil society. As the General Secretariat (the authority under which the Human Rights Department operates) allows anyone to contact its departments, the Human Rights Department can be a significant entry point for CSOs to access the Permanent Committee and other decision-making bodies of the LAS.

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