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Mar 24 2013

‘Crisis, What Crisis?’ On the Virtues of Muddling Through in European Politics


By Henry Radice As a Europe on tenterhooks awaits the next development in the Cypriot crisis this weekend, the sense of popular disenchantment with the European project across much of the continent seems to echo a famous passage by Antonio … Continue reading

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Mar 22 2013

The Politics of Blame


By Max Hänska When things go wrong someone is blamed. Throughout the current crisis there have been several convenient scapegoats: the EU itself, southern European countries and Germany, among others. Passing the buck is an all too familiar rhetorical strategy, … Continue reading

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Mar 11 2013

What Language for What Europe?


By Roberto Orsi In his discourse about Europe and the European project pronounced on 22nd February 2013 at the Bellevue Palace in Berlin, German Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck has articulated his view on the future development of the European polity, reinstating … Continue reading

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