Apr 13 2016

From Hybrid Peace to Human Security: Rethinking EU Strategy towards Conflict

ReportCoverA recent publication of likely interest to Euro Crisis in the Press readers is the The Berlin Report of the Human Security Study Group. Entitled ‘From Hybrid Peace to Human Security: Rethinking EU Strategy towards Conflict’, it was presented to the European External Action Service in Brussels earlier this year.

Study Group convenors: Mary Kaldor and Javier Solana
Coordinator: Iavor Rangelov

The report proposes that the European Union adopts a second generation human security approach to conflicts, as an alternative to Geo-Politics or the War on Terror. Second generation human security takes forward the principles of human security and adapts them to 21st century realities.

The report argues that the EU is a new type of 21st century political institution in contrast to 20th century nation-states. 20th century nation states were based on a clear distinction between inside and outside. Typical outside instruments were state-to-state diplomacy or economic and military coercion. Typical inside instruments are the rule of law, politics, and policing. In today’s complex, contested and connected world, outside instruments do not work; they backfire and make things worse. Human security is about extending the inside beyond the EU.

Papers commissioned by the Human Security Study Group

Background paper:

An Analysis of Mogherini’s The European Union in a Changing Global Environment
Sabine Selchow

Conflict papers:

Review of EU Policy for Ukraine
Tymofiy Mylovanov, Yuriy Zhukov and Yuriy Gorodnichenko

EU in the Western Balkans: Hybrid Development, Hybrid Security and Hybrid Justice
Vesna Bojicic-Dzelilovic, Denisa Kostovicova and Elisa Randazzo

Libya: Security, Economic Development and Political Reform
Mattia Toaldo

The Role of the EU in the Syrian Conflict
Rim Turkmani and Mustafa Haid

EU Policies in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Try and Fail?
Valerie Arnould and Koen Vlassenroot

A Human Security Strategy for the European Union in the Horn of Africa
Alex de Waal and Rachel Ibreck

Thematic papers:

Why Europe’s Border Security Approach Has Failed – and How to Replace It
Ruben Andersson

EU Approaches to Justice in Conflict and Transition
Iavor Rangelov, Marika Theros and Nataša Kandić

Human Security and Sanctions, from Security to Governance: Strengthening EU Capacities and Involving the Locals
Francesco Giumelli

Cybersecurity: A Challenge for Democracy and Human Security in Europe
Emmanuel Darmois and Geneviève Schméder

What Role for the Private Sector in European Foreign and Security Policy?
Mary Martin

Note: This article gives the views of the authors, and not the position of the Euro Crisis in the Press blog nor of the London School of Economics.

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