Monthly Archives: July 2012

Is Erasing Menopause In Our Near Future? Is It A Desirable Feminist Project?

In this post, Jill Drouillard discusses recent scientific research on women and menopause. She asks the question whether it is desirable to erase menopause if we had the technology to do so and, furthermore, what that would mean for women and women’s bodies. Recent scientific publications increasingly contest the former belief that women’s biological clock will, as a matter of […]

Crusaders and Spartans: The Performance of Masculinity at the Euro 2012 Championships

 Mark Doidge is an early career academic whose research and teaching primarily focus on globalisation, performance and sport. In this post he discusses the construction of homogenous national masculine culture in the context of the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. Four Spartans stand facing forward. The sun glints off their steel helmets. Their naked torsos bear witness to the intensity of […]

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