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    ‘Global gay conspiracy’ and misogyny in Turkish anti-gender narratives

‘Global gay conspiracy’ and misogyny in Turkish anti-gender narratives

by Alev Özkazanç

Having been inspired by the great victory of the opposition against Islamist AKP in Istanbul municipal elections in 23 June 2019, several municipalities dared to show solidarity with Gay Pride in the following week. That a public office declared an open support for the Pride was something totally unprecedented and it immediately provoked a reaction on the part […]

The new episode of anti-gender politics in Turkey

by Alev Özkazanç

As we approached the 8 March 2019 International Women’s Day, an unexpected and novel occurrence appeared on the horizon of Turkish (anti)gender politics. Something happened, something alarming, which shows the shocking pace with which an anti-gender movement is emerging in tandem with global anti-gender movements. A strong governmental policy to undermine gender equality has already been […]

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    KADEM’s ‘Gender Justice’ or the Momentum of Anti-genderism in Turkey

KADEM’s ‘Gender Justice’ or the Momentum of Anti-genderism in Turkey

by Tutku Ayhan

Sumeyye Erdogan, daughter of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the vice-chair of pro-government women’s organization KADEM [Kadin ve Demokrasi Dernegi / Women and Democracy Association] said the following during the opening of organization’s branch office in Aksaray: “KADEM bases itself on the wisdom of its own land, principles of its own faith. [As an organization] it […]

Varieties of anti-gender mobilizations. Is Turkey a case?

by Selin Çağatay

The current decade has seen popular mobilizations against gender equality in Europe and globally. In Turkey, this process is led by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and mediated through authoritarian and populist ways of governing, institutionalized Islamism and Sunni-Turkish nationalism. Dynamics of Turkey’s gender politics are somewhat different than those identified by scholars who examine transnational […]

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