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    The ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’ sketch: When funny is harmful

The ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’ sketch: When funny is harmful

by Jennifer Philippa Eggert

 Image: BBC Two/ BBC iPlayer: ‘Revolting’ Episode 1

If you follow the news, you have probably heard about the controversial new BBC sketch ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’. I do like some good comedy and have no issue laughing at Muslims or issues that arise in Muslim societies. There are great sketches on that. As a student I used to laugh […]

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    “Propiedad ni tuya, ni de nadie”: Gender Representations in the Media and Violence Against Women in Mexico

“Propiedad ni tuya, ni de nadie”: Gender Representations in the Media and Violence Against Women in Mexico

by Adriana López A recent music video has reignited the conversation about violence against women (VAW) in México. The video called ‘Fuiste Mía’ (or ‘You were mine’) by singer Gerardo Ortiz has generated a heated conversation about the way men and women are portrayed in the media, and the role media plays in normalizing VAW. The graphic video, which was temporarily […]

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    Intergenerational Relationships: Case Study of Stephen Fry and Elliott Spencer

Intergenerational Relationships: Case Study of Stephen Fry and Elliott Spencer

Actor and presenter Stephen Fry and comedian Elliott Spencer announced their engagement on 6 January, 2015 amidst a flood of media interest. As I followed the coverage, I was struck by the media’s constant reiteration of the couple’s age difference. Rather than celebrating their engagement and later marriage, I was appalled to see how the British media demonised the couple […]

Intersections of Gender, Sexuality, Race and Age in the Privileging of Coupledom

Earlier this year LSE held an event to commemorate the sociologist Ulrich Beck. Beck was prominent in developing the theory of reflexive modernity and the related concept of the transformation of intimacy. Such a theory suggests that postmodern society is characterised by diversification, freedom and fluidity within intimate relationships where non-traditional forms of love are being reflexively constructed into ‘elective […]

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Rape culture, Taylor Swift and silencing women who speak up

Friday nights are a sacred space. I enjoy coming home to do my laundry, tidy up my room…and shamelessly sing off pitched lyrics to ditties that are oddly reminiscent of my high school freshman diary while I simultaneously dance around in my running spankies and jump on top of my bed. Friday night is Taylor Swift ‘n Sing Karaoke Clean-up […]

Still dealing in dichotomies?!

On January 18, 2013, The New York Times reported anticipation among leading women of the world about the rise and globalization of women’s issues. A month later, however, The Observer reported a decline in women’s presence in British public life. So which is it? Are women’s issues genuinely featuring more seriously on the political agenda and are we truly witnessing […]

So many ‘Years of the Woman’, so little time

In this post, Kimberly Killen warns readers to be wary when reading media reports of the “Year of the Woman,” as they can be cyclical and paint a misleading portrait of women in politics. In the last two decades, the media have become fond of a particular electoral frame – the “Year of the Woman”. It has been circulated in […]

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Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Women in Journalism

Lauren Maffeo, an MSc student in Gender, Media, and Culture at the LSE Gender Institute recounts a lecture delivered Zeina Awad on women in the newsworld, particularly as reporters. Maffeo endorses Awad’s view that women are still heavily discriminated against in the news industry though steps towards equality are being taken.   It has been said that the two aspects […]

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The media furore surrounding Rihanna and Chris Brown is a missed opportunity for helpful discussion about intimate partner violence

In this post, Harriet Gray, first year PhD student at the LSE Gender Institute, discusses how the public discourse surrounding Chris Brown’s abuse of then-girlfriend and singer Rihanna has turned in to a discourse of victim blaming rather than being used as something constructive to publicly discuss the issues surrounding domestic violence.  Singers Rihanna and Chris Brown are back in […]

Women looking at women, women looking at men

Akane Kanai, an MSc student at the LSE’s Gender Institute studying Gender, Media and Culture. Here she muses over differing utilisations and perceptions of masculine and feminine beauty, the diverging experiences of presenting the self and experiencing the presentation of others.


‘The female body is a… work of art. The male body is utilitarian, it’s for gettin’ around, like a […]

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