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    Gender and disability in informal settlements during COVID-19: What we have learnt so far

Gender and disability in informal settlements during COVID-19: What we have learnt so far

by Ignacia Ossul-Vermehren

Image credit: author, Dworzark informal settlement, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

How are women, in particular disabled women, affected by COVID-19 in informal settlements in the global South? Although there is a range of information emerging (in addition to what we can extrapolate from previous health crises), in reality it is difficult to know, at this stage, the extent to […]

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    Welfarist Dilemma? The Politics of Gender in West Bengal’s Cash Transfer Schemes

Welfarist Dilemma? The Politics of Gender in West Bengal’s Cash Transfer Schemes

by Proma Ray Chaudhury

Notwithstanding criticisms, Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) schemes as a means of poverty alleviation and social justice in countries with higher levels of socio-economic inequality have seen substantial surge in popularity in the recent decades. While being appreciated as instrumental in making women economically independent precisely as many of them are direct recipients of cash benefits, and in […]

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A Brief History of Women’s History

by Nicole Bourbonnais   “Where are the women?”  When Cynthia Enloe posed this question in 1989, she was thinking about the world of international politics. But the question has also been a driving force for a number of historians who have sought to move beyond the narratives of “great men” that have tended to dominate our understanding of the past.  In […]

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Is ActionAid’s gender-specific fundraising campaign progressive?

In September 2013 international NGO ActionAid launched a new fundraising campaign in the UK that aimed to raise awareness of the plight of women in refugee camps. The campaign poster features a black-and-white image of a Congolese woman, accompanied by the heading “The worst period of her life.” Underneath this statement is written: Imagine you’ve fled your home. You’ve lost […]

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Still dealing in dichotomies?!

On January 18, 2013, The New York Times reported anticipation among leading women of the world about the rise and globalization of women’s issues. A month later, however, The Observer reported a decline in women’s presence in British public life. So which is it? Are women’s issues genuinely featuring more seriously on the political agenda and are we truly witnessing […]

Women in ‘combat’: a revolution in the US military?

On the 24th January 2013, Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta signed a directive which will open up ‘front-line combat’ posts in the US military to women. While this move puts the US military on similar terms to militaries in Germany, Australia and Canada (among others), the British forces continue to officially […]

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So many ‘Years of the Woman’, so little time

In this post, Kimberly Killen warns readers to be wary when reading media reports of the “Year of the Woman,” as they can be cyclical and paint a misleading portrait of women in politics. In the last two decades, the media have become fond of a particular electoral frame – the “Year of the Woman”. It has been circulated in […]

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Rape and the Meaning of Consent

Harriet Gray, a PhD student at the Gender Institute, argues that we need a frank and open discussion about rape, and about the meaning of consent.      On August 19th, US congressman (and prospective senator) Todd Akin “misspoke” in a televised interview on August 19th, stating that pregnancy from rape is really rare because “If it’s a legitimate rape, […]

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Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Women in Journalism

Lauren Maffeo, an MSc student in Gender, Media, and Culture at the LSE Gender Institute recounts a lecture delivered Zeina Awad on women in the newsworld, particularly as reporters. Maffeo endorses Awad’s view that women are still heavily discriminated against in the news industry though steps towards equality are being taken.   It has been said that the two aspects […]

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“How can these women pay back their loans when they lie on their mats all day?”

Bobby Macaulay is a former researcher at the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health and an expert in social business and community development. In this piece he discusses, through reference to Mozambique, whether miocrofinance can or should alter societal values or practices and queries its ability to foster real societal change. In the summer of 2011 I was asked to go to Mozambique […]

January 16th, 2012|Development|1 Comment|

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