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    Hindu supremacism, ‘anti-gender’ politics, and feminist resistance

Hindu supremacism, ‘anti-gender’ politics, and feminist resistance

by Kalpana Wilson

This contribution was first presented at the 2 December 2022 workshop on Transnational “Anti-Gender” Politics and Resistance, part of the AHRC-LSE project on Transnational ‘Anti-Gender’ Movements and Resistance: Narratives and Interventions.

Listening to Tooba Syed[i] speaking about the struggles in which feminist movements in Pakistan are currently engaged, the resonances with the current situation in India are inescapable. […]

Clubbing without the club

by Nina Bo Wagner

NB: see at the bottom of this article for a mix from the London rave scene, for optional listening while reading.

The club as a location would seem inherent to clubbing. However, during lockdown in London these locations were made unavailable. As a result, clubbing temporarily moved exclusively online. At this time, I wanted to undertake documenting queer […]

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    Who is afraid of the rainbow? The politics of LGBTQ symbols in Turkey

Who is afraid of the rainbow? The politics of LGBTQ symbols in Turkey

by Tunay Altay

On 14 April 2021, a group of students from Turkey’s Middle East Technical University (Ortadogu Teknik Universiversitesi, ODTÜ) gathered at a staircase on campus in Ankara. This staircase was no different from any other staircase on the 11,100-acre campus, yet this was the third time in a fortnight that the students had met at the same point, carrying […]

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    The Hidden Masculinization and Militarization of the Canadian Citizenship Guide

The Hidden Masculinization and Militarization of the Canadian Citizenship Guide

by Sarah Chudleigh

The Canadian Citizenship Guide seeks to characterise Canada by its ideals of peace and gender equality. However, its language, imagery and layout paint a different picture. In this post, Sarah Chudleigh explores how the guide reinforces the masculinised and militarist values it seeks to oppose.

Photo by Jaimie Harmsen on Unsplash

For aspiring Canadian citizens, the current citizenship […]

Kashmiri Women’s Songs of Resistance

by Samreen Mushtaq

Photo credit: Showkat Nanda from Watergam, Baramulla, 2009. Republished for this post with permission

On 23 February, 2020, over six months into fast pacing settler colonialism and imposition of a communication blackout by the Indian state in and over Kashmir, an anonymous collective of Kashmiri women by the name of Zanaan Wanaan (Kashmiri for ‘Women speak’) came out […]

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    LGBTQ+ issues as Electoral Fuel: Insights from a Polarized Poland

LGBTQ+ issues as Electoral Fuel: Insights from a Polarized Poland

by Selen Eşençay

“To me, it was so humiliating Like in 2020, I have to say I am human? It’s horrible.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic restrained the traditional June Pride march, which had to move from the streets to social media, the debate on LGBTQ+ rights became the key battlefield in the Polish presidential election. Since the conservative Polish President Andrzej Duda […]

Conflict and Gender: Understanding the intersections

by Arshi Showkat

Conflict is not unidimensional; it is not bidirectional either. It manifests in more ways than that may be perceptible at a time. Indeed, these experiences are always evolving and in flux, especially in protracted conflicts like Kashmir. Decades of conflict in the Himalayan region of Kashmir has left no aspect of life immune and seeped into the minutiae […]

Exploring the Wreck

(after Adrienne Rich)

by Clare Hemmings

Featured photographs are from ongoing photo series Skin Deep by Sakshi Parikh. Published with permission for this blog post.

I tell people off every day. I tell my parents off for not staying home early enough. They are in their eighties, and I crow with satisfaction about having saved their lives when my chiding means they […]

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    The AfD and right-wing (anti-)gender mobilisation in Germany

The AfD and right-wing (anti-)gender mobilisation in Germany

by Katharina Hajek

Germany, like so many countries in Europe, is experiencing the rise of right-wing conservative and populist forces. The central actor here is the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD)[1], which was founded in 2013. The party is now achieving results of up to 28 percent at the state level, as well as 12.6 % in federal elections, making it currently the […]

#NiUnaMenos: countering hegemonies in Argentina

by Aude Langlois

On the 3rd of June 2015, massive protests shook Argentina to its core, as 200,000 people took to the streets in Buenos Aires to express their outrage over the killing of a pregnant 14-year-old girl, Chiara Páez, at the hands of her boyfriend. Since then, Ni Una Menos (Not One Less), the collective that was behind this mobilisation, […]

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