Location Interrupted

Returning to Paracas: a phenomenology of trauma

by Daniela Meneses

I must have been four or five, but I have always thought of it as something without a beginning, something that always already was. Every summer and every winter, I would spend the school vacations in Paracas, a small town by the Peruvian coast. I would stay there with my paternal grandmother, my brother and my cousin. […]

On/Off Her Way Home

by Wen Wen 


The legendary sea surfaces

That meteoric stones have rolled over

An establishing shot, takes only one flash

Thinking of you, murmuring to you,

Until some tears run dry, turning reddish

Dipping upon a dream (many nights)

Once thinking of you, she is

Across the water of no name

Looking out the way back to you, she is

Still writing in English (how?):

‘Travelling around the world

From the […]

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    Reconsidering the relationship between domestic workplaces and ‘homes’ in Chile during COVID-19

Reconsidering the relationship between domestic workplaces and ‘homes’ in Chile during COVID-19

by Carol Chan

The COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to the ‘shadow pandemic’ of domestic violence, where, due to the fears of contagion and mobility restrictions in many cities the world over, persons experiencing intimate partner or familial violence had fewer alternatives to seek respite from abuse. The pandemic revealed how the ‘home as dwelling’ is a complex space: at times […]

Liminalities of time and its flashes

by Kashi Syal


Blossom acts as a seasonal clock even before daylight savings. Spring comes and the days stretch. Every April, I think about T.S Eliot’s bankers walking over London Bridge trying not to jump, the minutiae of a life measured by coffee spoons, all of Plath’s unlived lives. Up Bond Street, Clarissa Dalloway has the oddest sense of being […]


by Claire Wilmot

          i. polemic

Look I know this one hits different, but I’m writing to tell you I’m tired of asking is this it? with every new blip in crisis time, tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop only to realize that both have fallen already, might keep falling forever. And just cause […]

The X marks us all: the lingering, living liminalities we write with

by Q Manivannan
“The code-name losses and compensations

Float in and around us through the window.

It helps to know what direction the body comes from.

It isn’t absolutely clear. In words

Bitter as a field of mustard we

Copy certain parts, then decline them.

These are not only gestures: they imply

Complex relations with one another…”

All Kinds of Caresses, John Ashberry

I gather and bundle together the […]

Clubbing without the club

by Nina Bo Wagner

NB: see at the bottom of this article for a mix from the London rave scene, for optional listening while reading.

The club as a location would seem inherent to clubbing. However, during lockdown in London these locations were made unavailable. As a result, clubbing temporarily moved exclusively online. At this time, I wanted to undertake documenting queer […]

Daily Exercise

By Becka White

A slightly different route today for our daily exercise. My six-year-old’s school has invited us to collect some seeds ‘to plant in the garden’. I tell my son they forgot to add ‘or on the windowsill’. I wonder how many other flat-dwelling parents noticed this wording – after all, one in five households in London don’t have […]

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