Palestine: A ‘Test’ for Feminist Foreign Policy

By Layla Saleh
The war in Gaza has drawn extensive attention to human rights violations, student activism, and warring propaganda narratives. No amount of counting can adequately attest to the over 20,000 Palestinians killed by Israelis and the damage to homes, livelihoods, and personhoods. This blog post, however, considers the current war in Gaza from the perspective of Feminist Foreign […]

Conflict and Gender: Understanding the intersections

by Arshi Showkat

Conflict is not unidimensional; it is not bidirectional either. It manifests in more ways than that may be perceptible at a time. Indeed, these experiences are always evolving and in flux, especially in protracted conflicts like Kashmir. Decades of conflict in the Himalayan region of Kashmir has left no aspect of life immune and seeped into the minutiae […]

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    Indian Apathy and Systemic Violence against Women in Kashmir

Indian Apathy and Systemic Violence against Women in Kashmir

by Zohra Batul

Violent discourse legitimizes violence and creates incentives for the populist government to make vindictive policies.

The reality of Indian democracy is most conspicuously exposed in Kashmir, a truth that no nationalist Indian wants to hear. On August 5, 2019, the Indian state stripped Kashmir of article-370 followed by the denial of very essential rights via regular crackdowns on […]

September 14th, 2020|Featured, Politics, Society|0 Comments|
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    Sexual violence against men: enabling disclosure in the face of denial

Sexual violence against men: enabling disclosure in the face of denial

by Heleen Touquet
Last September, I presented at the UN in Geneva a report called Unsilenced, an analysis of the testimonies of 121 survivors of conflict-related sexual violence from Sri Lanka. The 121 men fled to the UK from Sri Lanka; all of them struggling with being so far away from family and home, and even more with the […]

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Why gender matters in Syria’s rebuilding efforts

By Lana Khattab and Henri Myrttinen

Failure to consider gender dynamics in Syria’s rebuilding efforts after the armed conflict would risk consolidating inequalities. This is the finding of a recent report titled ‘“Most of the men want to leave”: Armed groups, displacement and the gendered webs of vulnerability in Syria’ published by the authors of this post in July 2017. […]

August 29th, 2017|Featured, Politics|2 Comments|

Book review: Handbook on Gender and War

Towards a gender-sensitive analysis of war and its aftermath

by Jennifer Philippa Eggert

What role does gender play in war and post-war societies? Does war impact men and women in the same way? How are gender roles and images reproduced and represented during times of war and violent conflict? Despite thirty years of scholarship on gender and war, and an increasing […]

September 14th, 2016|Featured, Politics, Society|2 Comments|

The Attack Against Mamá Maquín and Guatemala’s “Eternal Spring”

2016 will mark 20 years since the signature of the Guatemalan Peace Accords, which brought an end to Guatemala’s 36-year long armed conflict and genocide. The war’s casualties included over 200,000 mostly Mayan indigenous lives and thousands of disappeared and displaced. Yet, despite being a country officially at peace, high rates of ongoing violence – from violent crime to attacks […]

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    Sarah Schulman on ‘Conflict Is Not Abuse’: Rethinking Community Responsibility Outside of the State Apparatus

Sarah Schulman on ‘Conflict Is Not Abuse’: Rethinking Community Responsibility Outside of the State Apparatus

Abuse as ‘Power Over’ and Conflict as ‘Power Struggle’ Sarah Schulman, a long-standing U.S. activist and author of internationally recognized novels, plays and films, was invited to participate in the 2015 Sexuality Summer School on queer art and activism, held in May at the University of Manchester. From her engagement with Act Up in New York in the late 1980s […]

Is sexual violence in conflict a new Trojan horse?

The Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict took place at London’s ExCel Centre between 10th and 12th June 2014. Amongst the fanfare and excitement at Angelina Jolie being involved in her role as Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, this event raised a lot of questions for me – questions which were only increased on […]

The UK Stabilisation Unit and Sexual Violence in Conflict

Intersections between men, a gendered misrecognition and transitional justice across conflict geographies Coinciding with the British presidency of the G8 and under the leadership of Foreign Secretary William Hague, on 10-13 June 2014 the UK will host a global summit on sexual violence in conflict areas. As part of the UK Stabilisation Unit’s Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, the Global Summit […]

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