Size Matters

by Kimberly Killen   A lot has been made of the U.S. Republican party’s primary campaign’s descent into a figurative “dick- measuring contest” during candidate events, interviews and even debates. While many have criticized such exchanges, pointing to them as symbolic of a larger problem, a part of the GOP’s identity crisis or the further erosion of civility in politics, […]

The UK Stabilisation Unit and Sexual Violence in Conflict

Intersections between men, a gendered misrecognition and transitional justice across conflict geographies Coinciding with the British presidency of the G8 and under the leadership of Foreign Secretary William Hague, on 10-13 June 2014 the UK will host a global summit on sexual violence in conflict areas. As part of the UK Stabilisation Unit’s Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, the Global Summit […]

Five Minutes with Meena Kandasamy: “I think propaganda can be very beautiful based on what you are doing it for”

Meena Kandasamy is a poet, writer and activist who deals with the questions of caste, language and feminism. She recently spoke at the LSE event ‘Gender and the Hindu Right’, organised by the LSE Gender Institute. LSE Review of Books Assistant Editor Nazreen Fazal talks to Meena about her writing, activism in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and her latest novel- The Gypsy Goddess. Recommended reading for […]

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A reflection on how gender-related concerns are taken up in public debate, slip from view, and almost-but-not-quite make it

Dinara is approaching the end of her part-time MSc Gender, Development and Globalisation degree at the LSE’s Gender Institute. In addition to studying, she has spent the last two years managing the small but busy office of an energy efficiency consultancy. In this post she discusses how how gender slips off the agenda, and argues that we while affordable childcare is important, […]

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