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Parental Leave: Men and Women at Work

Caroline Thorpe is a British journalist based in London. She was deputy editor of multiple award-winning Inside Housing magazine until 2011, when she took a year out to pursue graduate studies in gender at the London School of Economics. She has now returned to full-time journalism, specialising in social policy and politics. In this post she discusses parental leave in […]

October 15th, 2012|Politics, Society|1 Comment|

If Not Quotas, Then What?: the Forthcoming EU Proposal on Women Quotas in Boardrooms

Linnea Sandström Lange writes about the upcoming proposal in the EU Commission about women quotas on company boars and asks the question: if not quotas, then what? She tries to set the framework for the debate (held at the European Parliament in the UK on 19/10/2012) and poses the different arguments against each other. The European Commission is expected to […]

October 13th, 2012|Politics, Society|0 Comments|

So many ‘Years of the Woman’, so little time

In this post, Kimberly Killen warns readers to be wary when reading media reports of the “Year of the Woman,” as they can be cyclical and paint a misleading portrait of women in politics. In the last two decades, the media have become fond of a particular electoral frame – the “Year of the Woman”. It has been circulated in […]

October 10th, 2012|Politics|0 Comments|

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