Still dealing in dichotomies?!

On January 18, 2013, The New York Times reported anticipation among leading women of the world about the rise and globalization of women’s issues. A month later, however, The Observer reported a decline in women’s presence in British public life. So which is it? Are women’s issues genuinely featuring more seriously on the political agenda and are we truly witnessing […]

Radical Feminist Conference 2012 – Radically Limited?

In this post, Sarah Burton explores the radical feminist stance of the RadFem 2012 conference organizers in relation to the term ‘women born women living as women’. She considers if indeed it is possible to neatly and clearly delineate the word ‘woman’ and argues that binary and static notions of identity categories obscures the real, tangible ways in which ordinary […]

Welcome to Engenderings

From Anne Phillips, Director of the LSE Gender Institute:
The Engenderings blog should be a great forum for all those puzzling questions that continue to preoccupy us, including how to understand the extraordinary persistence of gender hierarchies and gender straitjackets in the midst of dramatic global transformations. Providing an online space for creative and accessible analysis and critique, and welcoming […]

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