Coming of Age and Love in Post 9/11 America part 1

Shanthi Marie Blanchard is a MSc student at the London School of Economics and Political Science and studies Gender, Policy and Inequalities. In this essay, she uses the concept of intersectionality as a tool to unpack her understanding of her area youth’s transition into adulthood which transpired after 9/11 in her small rural Midwestern town. This post is the first […]

March 1st, 2012|Politics, Society|2 Comments|

Playing it Metro

Emma Spruce on ‘Playing it Straight’ -the dynamics of articulating sexuality in popular culture. Metro-sexuality as a challenge to hyper-masculinity? This article has been published collaboratively by LSE Equality and Diversity and LSE Engenderings blog to mark LGBT History Month. This week saw another Thursday night at home, hiding from the weather and reassuring myself that there wasn’t a rule that meant it would stay freezing outside until […]

February 20th, 2012|Arts & Culture, Society|0 Comments|

The Transmen Community is Still Overshadowed by Phallocentric Logic in Malaysia

Alicia Izharuddin asks why the transmen community in Malaysia is regularly marginalised and continues to be poorly understood even within liberal and activist circles. This article has been published collaboratively by LSE Equality and Diversity and LSE Engenderings blog to mark LGBT History Month. In several scenes from the recent but quickly forgotten Malaysian film, ‘Aku Bukan Tomboy’ (I’m Not a […]

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