• Gender roles in ICT parenting

    Gender roles in ICT parenting

    How do mothers and fathers engage with their children's information and communications technology (ICT) use? Many studies in the past have featured only mothers as ...more

  • A new forum for 'social fatherhood'

    A new forum for 'social fatherhood'

    How do non-biological fathers take on their role as 'social fathers'? What resources are available to them? In this post Clare Deane and Martin Robb report ...more

  • Digital driver's licence

    Digital driver's licence

    What kind of online safety messaging resonates with young people? What tools and strategies are most effective for improving digital literacy? In this post, Jeremy Blackman ...more

  • Coding for what?

    Coding for what?

    Because this week is National Coding Week in the UK, we are discussing the potential consequences of young people learning to code. While there is legitimate and growing ...more