• Why feminisms? In the Name of Feminism

    Why feminisms? In the Name of Feminism

    by Priya Raghavan On Wednesday 3 October 2018, LSE Gender PhD students organised an event titled ‘Why feminisms? An open discussion about doing gender research'. During this ...more

  • Study Your Grievances

    Study Your Grievances

    by Emma Spruce, Jacob Breslow & Tomás Ojeda Recently, Aero Magazine published an essay by Helen Pluckrose, James A. Lindsay, and Peter Boghossian titled “Academic Grievance ...more

  • Pride and Anti-Gender Harm

    Pride and Anti-Gender Harm

    by Avi Boukli Is ‘Straight Pride’ a celebration of anti-gender politics? This blogpost poses an alternative critical approach in which the orienting concept is anti-gender harm. To ...more

  • Dženderizam nesting in Serbia

    Dženderizam nesting in Serbia

    by Adriana Zaharijević Until recently, there were no gender panics in Serbia. We had our own little panics about local culprits, scapegoats and traitors, targeted mostly ...more