Gender Equality Forum and Spectrum respond to recent events around LSE men’s rugby

The Gender Equality Forum (GEF) and Spectrum (LSE’s LGBT+ staff forum) have released a joint statement in response to the sexist, homophobic, racist, and classist leaflet recently dispersed by the now disbanded LSE Men’s Rugby Club to LSE Freshers. The statement is an important example of collective politics in action, and brought together input from around 70 members of the […]

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Rescuers & Redeemers: The Evangelical Church’s Role in the Anti-Trafficking Movement

    by Katie Gaddini  On a recent Sunday night in central London, I attended an Evangelical Protestant church service. Midway through the worship portion, the music leader stopped the fervent singing to welcome a woman to the stage. She had just completed a two-week-long bike trek across Europe to raise awareness about sex trafficking and was now back in London […]

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Age restrictions on music videos – sexism solved?

On Monday the Rewind & Reframe campaign  to denounce sexism and racism in music videos was launched by EVAW, Imkaan and Object in London.  The debate in Westminster that signaled the start of their campaign is part of a growing online and traditional media interest in the portrayal of women in the music industry [1]. Rewind & Reframe call for […]

The Beast in Me

Terrine Friday is a Canadian journalist whose work has been published by Reuters, TrustLaw, National Post, The Toronto Star, the LSE’s POLIS institute and various other publications. She completed her BA in Journalism at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, and is currently pursuing her MSc in Gender, Media and Culture at the LSE. I remember as a little girl my […]

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