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  • Labors of Love: Nurturing Resistance

    Labors of Love: Nurturing Resistance

    by Lara N. Dotson-Renta   Women's March in NYC on January 21st, 2017. Photo credits to: Richard Jay Nussbaum   “Yes, fusion is possible but only if things get ...more

  • About that march on Saturday 21st

    About that march on Saturday 21st

    An international march was organised by feminist groups across 20 countries last Saturday, 21st of January, following the election of Trump as the president of the United ...more

  • Commercial Surrogacy in India

    Commercial Surrogacy in India

    by Anjora Sarangi In a time when developments in science and technology are far outpacing human evolution, ethical dilemmas crop up with the commercialization of each new ...more

  • Engendering India’s Burgeoning Cities

    Engendering India’s Burgeoning Cities

    by Vidisha Mishra  Image credits to: While cities have always been designed for men, urban development is treated as a gender-neutral domain. In October, representatives from 195 ...more