Facing a political climate, both in and outside of academia in the UK and further afield, that is increasingly and aggressively hostile towards trans* people, disabled and neurodivergent people, people-of-colour, and other marginalised groups, We, the Engenderings Editorial Collective, have updated our editorial statement to reflect our political, theoretical, and epistemological solidarities. Though prompted by recent events and the current political climate, the update makes explicit commitments and intentions with which the editorial collective (past and present) has long curated our platform, Engenderings, and so is in many ways overdue. Our collective is a community of early career researchers, mostly women, many -of-colour, some queer, trans*, disabled, migrated, and all working voluntarily for the love of high quality, analytical intervention in the field of gender studies. We take this moment to reaffirm our intellectual and political mission, something necessitated by outside attempts to encroach on our editorial independence and rights. We take this opportunity also to recommit ourselves in our duty of care to our authors, towards whom we feel a responsibility of support, protection, and solidarity. 

Through our updated editorial statement, which makes explicit our political and intellectual investments, and our commitment to care for our authors, we hope to maintain our position as a trusted and respected platform amongst our audience and wider community.

The Engenderings Editorial Collective