On this 8th of March, we repost here the call to international women’s strike issued by the coalition Ni Una Menos. 


Credits to: Ni Una Menos


This 8 th of March the earth trembles. The women of the world unite and organize a measure of force and a common call: International Women’s Strike.

We stand. We strike, we organize and we find ourselves in one another. We enact the world we want to live in.


We stand to denounce:

That capital exploits our informal, precarious and intermittent economies.

That the nation states and the market exploit us when they indebt us.

That the states criminalize our migratory movements.

That we earn less than men and that the salary gap reaches, on average, 27%.

That it goes unrecognized that domestic and caregiving labor is unpaid work and adds three extra hours to our work day.

That these economic violences increase our vulnerability in the face of machista violence, whose most abhorrent extreme is femicide.

We stand to reclaim the right to free abortion and so that no girl is forced into motherhood.

We stand to make visible that until caregiving work is a responsibility of all of society, we find ourselves forced to reproduce the classist and colonial exploitation among women. To go out to work we must rely on other women. To migrate we must depend on other women.

We stand to place value on the invisibilized work that we do, that creates networks, support and vital strategies in difficult contexts and crises.


We stand because we are missing the victims of femicide, voices that are violently put out at the chilling rate of one per day in Argentina alone.

We are missing the lesbians and trans people murdered in hate crimes.

We are missing the political prisoners, the persecuted, the murdered in our Latin American territory for defending the earth and her resources.

We are missing the women incarcerated for minor crimes that criminalize forms of survival, while the major crimes by corporations and narcotrafficking remain unpunished because they benefit capital.

We are missing those who died and are incarcerated for illegal abortions.

In the face of the homes that turn into hells, we organize to defend ourselves and care for ourselves.

In the face of machista crime and its pedagogy of cruelty, in the face of the attempt of the media to victimize and terrorize us, we turn individual mourning into collective solace and the rage of shared struggle. In the face of cruelty, more feminism.


We appropriate the tool of the strike because our demands are urgent. We make the women’s strike an amplified and actualized measure, capable of sheltering the employed and the unemployed, the salaried and those who collect benefits, the freelancers and the students, because we are all workers.

We stand for ourselves.

We organize ourselves against domestic confinement, against obligatory motherhood and against the competition among women, all forms imposed by the market and the patriarchal family model.

We organize in all places: in our homes, in the streets, in the workplace, in schools, in fairs/markets, in neighborhoods. The strength of our movement lies in the links we make with each other.

We organize to change everything.


We weave a new internationalism. From the concrete circumstances we are exist in, we interpret our situation.

We see that in the neo-conservative turn, in the region and the world, the women’s movement emerges as an alternative force.

That the new “witch hunt” that now follows what is named as the “ideology of gender” tries to combat and neutralize our force and break our will.

In the face of many types of plundering, the expropriations and the contemporary wars that regard the earth and the bodies of women as territories of conquest, we embody ourselves politically and spiritually.


Because #WeWantOurselvesAliveAndFree we risk ourselves in unprecedented alliances.

Because we appropriate time and we create availability for ourselves, we make being together a relief and conversation among allies. Of assemblies we make demonstrations, of demonstrations celebrations, of celebrations a common future. Because #WeWomenAreHereForEachOther, this 8th of March is the first day of our new lives.

Because #DesireMovesUs, 2017 is the time of our new revolution.

#NotOneLess #WeWantOurselvesAlive