Domestic Violence – The Shadow Pandemic

by Aniket A. Panchal and G Vishal

‘Home is where the heart is’ is an adage that has been prevalent in society since time immemorial. Humans built shelters to protect themselves, and as time went by, a person’s home became the centre of their universe; the one place in the entire world where safety and security are guaranteed. There are many groups […]

The Non-Essential Transphobia of Pandemic Disaster Politics

by Jacob Breslow

You might think that in this particular moment, when there are so many lives to grieve, and when hundreds of millions of people globally are desperate for vital medical and financial support, that it is not an appropriate time to “politicize” allegedly “non-essential” issues like transgender rights and transfeminism. This sentiment, however, is dangerous for many reasons. […]

Exploring the Wreck

(after Adrienne Rich)

by Clare Hemmings

Featured photographs are from ongoing photo series Skin Deep by Sakshi Parikh. Published with permission for this blog post.

I tell people off every day. I tell my parents off for not staying home early enough. They are in their eighties, and I crow with satisfaction about having saved their lives when my chiding means they […]

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    Back to where we always have been: sex/gender segregation to contain Covid-19

Back to where we always have been: sex/gender segregation to contain Covid-19

by Sonia Corrêa[1]
But, people die, don´t they? Yes, indeed. However, the current naturalization of death erases thinking – Santiago López Petit
In the first week of April, the international press reported that, in order to reduce drastically the circulation of people, the governments of Panama and Peru defined a sex/gender criterion to establish the rotation of who can or cannot […]

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