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    Why do women join IS? A critique of gendered assumptions about women’s motivations

Why do women join IS? A critique of gendered assumptions about women’s motivations

by Jennifer Philippa Eggert

Women who join the so-called ‘Islamic State’ (IS) in Syria have garnered considerable public interest in Europe since the summer of 2014, when first reports about women leaving Europe for IS-controlled territory emerged. In this blog post, Jennifer Philippa Eggert contrasts commonly held assumptions about women’s motivations to join IS with what recent research tells us about […]

Measuring women’s work—more vexing than you might think

By Naila Kabeer

Philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates cited “time poverty” as a top priority in their 2016 Annual Letter, referring to the unpaid work that disproportionately falls on women and shining a spotlight on one of the most vexing challenges economists and statisticians face: how to accurately measure women’s work.

New choruses demanding a data revolution to gauge progress toward the […]

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    A measured response to criticisms of the LSE’s new appointments

A measured response to criticisms of the LSE’s new appointments

by Laura J. Shepherd   By way of homage to xkcd: This blog contains strong language, which may be unsuitable for children, and evidence-based arguments, which may be unsuitable for Trump supporters. Oh, and also, for those who care about these things: I am most definitely posting this in an independent capacity. My views reflect the views of neither of the […]

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    Recovering from Nepal’s earthquake: It’s not only the ‘what’, but also the ‘how’ that matters

Recovering from Nepal’s earthquake: It’s not only the ‘what’, but also the ‘how’ that matters

By Jana Naujoks           One year ago, Nepal was devastated by a major earthquake that took over 8,700 lives and caused widespread destruction to 14 of the country’s 75 districts. One major and countless smaller aftershocks added to the carnage, casualties and immense trauma that people experienced. While on this day we want to honour and remember the lives that were […]

Britain must end its support for sterilisation in India

The horrifying deaths of at least 14 women who had undergone surgery at sterilisation camps in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, highlight the violence of the population control policies that the British government is at the forefront of promoting globally. Far from giving poor women in the global south much-needed access to safe contraception that they can control, these policies dehumanise them […]

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Is sexual violence in conflict a new Trojan horse?

The Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict took place at London’s ExCel Centre between 10th and 12th June 2014. Amongst the fanfare and excitement at Angelina Jolie being involved in her role as Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, this event raised a lot of questions for me – questions which were only increased on […]

Is ActionAid’s gender-specific fundraising campaign progressive?

In September 2013 international NGO ActionAid launched a new fundraising campaign in the UK that aimed to raise awareness of the plight of women in refugee camps. The campaign poster features a black-and-white image of a Congolese woman, accompanied by the heading “The worst period of her life.” Underneath this statement is written: Imagine you’ve fled your home. You’ve lost […]

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Seeking safety in Algeria: Syrian refugee women’s resilience

On the 6th of August 2012, Algerian online newspapers and social networking sites reported the rape of a 26 year old Syrian woman who had sought refuge in Oran, having fled from Homs as a result of the on-going crisis in Syria. Local police and other national newspapers very quickly denied the story, stating that it was a ‘rumour’. Generally […]

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Event Report: The European Institute for Gender Equality presents the Gender Equality Index

Measuring gender equality is not an easy task given different conceptions of what is to be measured and how. Composite indicators are one way in which to measure gender equality and several have been developed at the international level, but none of the existing ones provided an adequate tool for Member State comparisons at the EU level. The Gender Equality […]

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Politics aimed at participation: A critical analysis of role of civil society and women groups affecting peace in Afghanistan

Many Afghans, and the international community, reckon the inclusion of civil society and women in the political processes of Afghanistan as crucial for the success of the ongoing peace talks. Paffenholz and Spurk, while emphasizing on the importance of civil society’s role in peace building, state ‘’There is also agreement that non-governmental peace initiatives are as needed as official or […]

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